About Steelgate

At Steelgate, we understand how important your company's data is. That’s why we work to make your backups fast, efficient and secure. We also know that when a data-loss does occur, you need to get back up and running again as soon as possible. Our restore process is quick and easy, and we are here to help when you need it.

With Steelgate Cloud Backup Service you get:
  • Local and off-site backup for full data availability, anywhere any time
  • TimeSlider: Quick restore regardless of backup time and location
  • Back up to mapped drives without browsing through the network
  • Improved SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange backup
  • Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 support
  • Certified compatibility with hundreds of online storage services
  • Disk Imaging for complete system recovery and fast availability
  • Economic use of storage space and high-speed restores
  • Great flexibility with broad media support, local and online
  • Password protection and data encryption for online data security
  • Virus protection for backups, free updates included
  • Low effort for reliable results with automatic backups including open files
  • No bandwidth throttling
Our cloud backup service is 100% compliant with the security requirements of:

Whether your backup is federally mandated or just good common sense, we are experts at ensuring your business continuity!

Whether you are a Fortune 500, a Network Administrator, a remote employee, consultant or small business, Steelgate Cloud Backup service will automatically protect your data.

If you have a working Internet connection on your computer, you can use Steelgate Online Data Backup Service to keep your important files safe from disaster on a daily basis. The service saves each revision of your files, so you can always restore the latest, or any of the previous backed up versions (30 day Default).