Considerations and Known Issues

If you plan on using the built in incremental or differential options that VMware exposes you need to add ‘nvm’ to the CompressedFileTypes.txt in the configuration of the xSP device you will be backing up to. This will make the xSP device not use compression or FastBIT on the VMware file. This is needed only when you are going to use the incremental and differential backup option with the VMware plug-in. If full backups are always done (Steelgate Recommendation) then FastBIT3 will determine the differences between the two full backups and only send the changed parts of the full backups. Doing it that way will take more local storage, and can conceivably take longer, but restoring is very easy as you would just have to restore the latest file and not have to deal with restoring different versions to get to the current version. Virtual machines that are contained in a Vapp container cannot be seen or backed up when connected to a vSphere server, instead if you connect directly to the ESX(i) server you will be able to see and backup those VMs.

Restoring directly to an alternate ESX(i) or vSphere server is only supported if the name of the server is the same as when the VM was backed up currently.