Steelgate Support Wizard

I am getting SideBySide errors in the Windows Event Viewer

This is generally related to missing or corrupt Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Libraries, and can often be resolved by reinstalling the 2005 Redistributable using the link below.

I'm connected to my computer remotely and the tray control icon isn't showing up

If you are remoting into the machine, check the process tab and make sure there is not a traycontrol.exe running in the background.

If there isn't and the tray still will not open, run svcinst.exe in the Cloud Backup installation directory and reinstall the service portion of the software using that exe.

I'm getting a 'Scheduled Backup did not run' message in my backup log. What does this mean?

Remember that your computer must be on in order for a scheduled event to take place. If you schedule a backup job at a time when you're not using your computer, you must leave the computer on in order for that event to run.

The Status Tab says running but the program is not running. Why is this happening?

The backup process did not end itself upon completion of the backup.

To kill these tasks, open the Task Manager (right-click on the task bar) and find SGService.exe in the Processes tab.  Highlight the process and click the "End Process" button at the lower right. 

Why are my log files filled with the message "Skipping backup because archive bit not set for file"?

This is primarily an informational message. In order to improve the troubleshooting of the Steelgate software in the long term, we have enhanced our logging to be much more detailed. You can control the detail level of the backup job logs by changing the Log Creation Options in the Steelgate software.

  • Open Steelgate
  • On the left side, click on Settings, then Default Settings
  • Select the Notification tab
  • Under the Log Creation Options, choose the level of logging you want to see in the backup job logs
  • Click [OK] when complete