Steelgate Support Wizard

How do I modify the encryption settings?

This information applies to version 12+

The Security tab allows you to modify or review the encryption settings for the backup data to be sent to the server. Steelgate Cloud Backup, and the client use 128 bit AES encryption. The default encryption keyword is the login password for each user. Using the login password may make it easier for a client to remember the encryption code word, should a problem arise. Steelgate Cloud Backup also enables the use of a different encryption key designated by the client. To enable the use of a secret encryption key, the user should click on the Specify my own secret key for encryption radio button.  Once this is done, the Secret Key options area on the Security menu opens, and the client is asked to enter and re-enter the encryption code word.  Steelgate Cloud Backup allows the user to enter an optional hint that should make it easier for the client to remember the encryption code key.

Is Steelgate Cloud Backup HIPPA Compliant?

Our cloud backup service is 100% compliant with the security requirements of the HIPAA Act, which mandates that healthcare industry practitioners provide secure, encrypted off-site backup. Whether your client’s backup is federally mandated or just good common sense, we are experts at ensuring their business continuity!

Is Steelgate compliant with Sarbannes-Oxley?

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 establishes a new quasi-public agency, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, which is charged with overseeing, regulating, inspecting, and disciplining accounting firms in their roles as auditors of public companies. The Act also covers issues such as auditor independence, corporate governance and enhanced financial disclosure. It is considered by some as one of the most significant changes to United States securities laws since the New Deal in the 1930s.

Steelgate Technologies Cloud Backup is the ideal subscription service provider product to enable a service provider to deliver mandated services for their clients. Click the following link to learn more about SOX requirements:

What kinds of data encryption does Steelgate support?

We offer multiple encryption protocols (from 128 to 2048 Bit Encryption).  Additionally the software allows you to create your own security code.

Available Encryption Protocols:

  • BLOWFISH 448 bit key length for strong, 32 bit for weak
  • TRIPLE_DES 192 bit key length
  • DES 128 bit key length for strong, 40 bit for weak
  • SAFER_SK 128 bit key length
  • IDEA 128 bit key length
  • RC5 2048 bit key length
  • BLOWFISH2 448 bit key length for strong, 56 bit for weak
  • DES2 128 bit key length for strong, 56 bit for weak
  • TWOFISH 128 bit key length for strong
  • MARS 128 bit key length for strong
  • AES_128KEY_16BLOCK 128 bit key length
  • AES_192KEY_16BLOCK 192 bit key length
  • AES_256KEY_16BLOCK 256 bit key length
  • SHA 160 bit secure hash
  • MD160 160 bit secure hash
  • MD5 128 bit secure hash
Please Note:
The higher the encryption, the longer your backup will take.

Where is my data stored?

All backup data is stored in our SAS70 Level II Certified Datacenter.  For more information about our security and certifications, please visitthis link